Vestry Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Vestry meeting held on June 13, 2018:

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. and opened with a prayer.  Vestry members present included Marilyn Zimmerman, Carol Isphording, Margie Beers, Chuck Dickerson, and Ed Ruffley.

Meeting Agenda: Marilyn distributed the Agenda and requested comments. Two items were added to the agenda; the Parish Directory update and changes to the Parish pamphlet. Ed moved to approve the amended agenda. The Motion carried.

Minutes of the prior vestry meeting: Minutes of the prior meeting, held on May 23, 2018, were reviewed. Margie moved that the minutes for the prior meeting be approved. The Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Mike Fleishman was not present at the meeting. He previously distributed his financial report via email. His report included the Statement of Assets as of May 31, 2018, and the Statement of Revenue and Expenses for the five months ended May 31, 2018, to vestry members. In his written comments, Mike noted that the unbudgeted $2,500 gift to Leelanau Christian Neighbors, previously approved by the vestry, caused year-to-date expenses to exceed the budget. The previously approved $25,000 withdrawal from the Vanguard Fund was completed and, subsequent to May, the funds were invested in a Certificate of Deposit. Overall, the parish continues to be in sound financial condition. Marilyn noted that she discussed expenditures with Altar Guild Chairman Janie Neuharth and informed Janie that the Altar Guild is authorized to spent up to its budget $360 annual budget without additional approval by the Vestry. Carol moved that we accept the Treasurer’s Report. The Motion carried.

Rector Search Committee Report: Ed noted that a meeting is scheduled with Canon Anne Hallmark on June 15 to discuss the history of our rector search efforts and to discuss where we go from here. The Vestry had a brief discussion of the meeting goals. Various vestry members noted additional questions to ask Canon Hallmark, such as, (a) how many parishes in here area are currently seeking new rectors? and (b) can we obtain an updated list of supply priests?

Senior Warden’s Report:
– Supply Priests for the Remainder of the Summer: Marilyn stated that Rev. Guback will not be available to be our supply priest in July or August. She distributed a list of supply priests who are tentatively available to cover July and August services. She noted that some changes may occur to the supply priest schedule as individuals firm up their schedules. Currently, only the June 17 service is without a priest and will be covered with a Morning Prayer service.
– Sunday Bulletins: Marilyn noted that Dorothy Schobel will prepare weekly bulletins and will also mail readings to Lectors on a weekly basis.
– Morning Prayer Services: Marilyn discussed the Morning Prayer planning meeting held with Carol, Jill Foerster, Janet Dickerson, and Canon Hallmark. Marilyn then distributed copies of the Morning Prayer service bulletin which was prepared after the planning meeting. Marilyn stated that she will lead the Morning Prayer service on June 17. In the event that additional Sundays are without a supply priest, Carol Isphording will lead Morning Prayer services in July, Jill Foerster will lead Morning Prayer services in August, and Janet Dickerson will lead Morning Prayer services in September. She also stated that this group will meet to discuss service procedures.
– Updated Parish Directory: Marilyn stated that many of the updated Parish Directories have been distributed. The remainder of the directories will be mailed to absent members and friends.
– Parish Pamphlets: Marilyn noted that the St. Christopher’s Pamphlets have been updated using stickers to change the Senior Warden information.
– Our Mission: Marilyn stated that the mission statement in the parish pamphlet needs updating. She stated that the mission statement in the transition (rector search) documents may be closer to a desirable mission statement. Marilyn then distributed a booklet titled “A Time for Vision”. She requested that vestry members review the booklet and then consider revisions to our mission statement. This topic will be addressed at the next vestry meeting.
– Status of 2018 Summer Service/Picnic with Bethany: Marilyn announced that the Summer Service/Picnic with Bethany will not occur this year. Bethany is focused on its 100th Anniversary celebration.
– Bethany’s 100th Anniversary: Marilyn noted that Bethany Lutheran Church is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Additional details will be available shortly.
– Building Rent: Marilyn and Carol stated that they were approached last Sunday by Father Leonard of St. Gertrude’s. He told them that St. Gertrude’s wants to renegotiate the rent that St. Christopher’s pays for the use of the church building. A brief discussion ensued. Marilyn and Carol will arrange a meeting with Father Leonard to discuss this matter.
– Payments to the Church Secretary: The Vestry briefly discussed the status of Dorothy Schobel and certain yearend expenses that she incurs as a result of her work for St. Christopher’s. Ed moved that St. Christopher’s award Dorothy Schobel a $100 bonus to cover these expenses. The Motion carried.
– Potential Gift to the Parish: Marilyn stated that Father Guback’s brother desires to make a gift to St. Christopher’s. The nature of this gift has not yet been determined.

Committee Reports: Marilyn asked if there were any items to report from the various parish committees. Building and Grounds – Chuck discussed the placement of keys for the interior door bars. No other reports were presented.

Old Business:
Open Vestry Position: We continue to seek a volunteer to fill the vestry position vacated by Moonyeen Fitch.
Parish Bylaw Revisions: Marilyn stated that no additional work has occurred on this matter.
Personal Property Inventory: Marilyn noted that she and Carol will undertake the inventory update during the summer months.

New Business:
Replacement for Moonyeen Fitch on Vestry: Marilyn noted that the Rector Search Committee is in need of replacements due to the departure of certain members. Current members are: Ed Ruffley, Janet Crane, and Jill Foerster. Moonyeen Fitch and Edson Shepard resigned from the committee when they relocated. Additional members will be sought.

No other business came before the vestry.
The next vestry meeting will be on July 11, 2018, at 9:30 AM.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Edward Ruffley, Vestry Clerk

Minutes of April 25, 2018 Vestry Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.

Vestry members present included Co-Senior Warden Marilyn Zimmerman, Margie Beers, Chuck Dickerson, and Ed Ruffley. It was noted that the seat on the vestry previously held by Moonyeen Fitch is now vacant due to her pending relocation out of the state.

The meeting was opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the prior Vestry: Minutes of the prior meeting, held on March 14, 2018, were reviewed. Ed moved that the minutes for the prior meeting be approved. The Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Mike Fleishman was not present. Prior to the meeting, Mike distributed the Statement of Assets as of March 31, 2018, and the Statement of Revenue and Expenses for the three months ended March 31, 2018, to vestry members by email. Mike noted in his report to the vestry that the parish continues to be in sound financial condition. He noted that collections were lower than the budgeted amount due to the absence of various parishioners during the winter months. He also noted that expenses were slightly lower than the budgeted amount due to the timing of the cash payments. A brief discussion ensued. Ed moved that we accept the Treasurer’s Report. The Motion carried. 

A brief discussion of how the parish funds were invested ensued. It was agreed that the vestry should discuss investments at the next scheduled meeting in May.

Rector Search: Ed opened the discussion with a review of the search activities and events, including our interactions with Bethany Lutheran Church, Lutheran Bishop Satterlee, and the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. The vestry agreed that greater focus is needed in the direction of our rector search effort. The vestry noted that the new Canon in charge or our Northern Region of the Diocese will start in June and that the new Deacon in charge of transitions will be ordained in June. The vestry agreed that we should meet with both of those individuals to review the status of our rector search and our approach to finding a new rector. Decisions regarding a more focused search approach will be made following those meetings.

Senior Warden Items:
Upcoming Farewell Dinner for Moonyeen and Roger Fitch: The vestry discussed the details of the farewell dinner on April 30 at the Leland Lodge. The vestry agreed to pay for the dinners of the Fitches and Bill Cook. Chuck stated that the Dickersons are offering to pay for the cost of dessert, but Margie, who volunteered to make the dinner arrangements, stated that the cost of dessert is included with the dinner. Margie stated that she was headed to the Leland Lodge following the vestry meeting to make final arrangements.

New Canon in Charge: Marilyn reviewed the details of the Bishop’s announcement regarding the Rev. C. Anne Hallmark, the new Canon in charge of the Northern Region of the Diocese. Her appointment to this position begins June 1. She will be located in Traverse City.

Baccalaureate Service for Northport Class of 2018: Marilyn stated that a Baccalaureate Service will be held at Trinity Church on Wednesday, May 30 at 7:00 p.m. A notice will be posted in the
May-June Newsletter. She stated that St. Christopher’s may be asked to provide a reader for the service.

Keys to the Church: Marilyn reviewed her discussion with Father Leonard of St. Gertrude’s regarding keys to the church building. The arrangement will be reviewed in two months.

Revisions to the Church Directory: Marilyn stated that revisions to the Church Directory are necessary. Changes will be solicited and final revisions will be deferred until the new contact information for the Fitches can be obtained.

Upcoming Supply Priests: Marilyn stated that Rev. Guback is scheduled for May and June, except for May 13. Rev. McLean will preach on that date.

Bulletins and Inserts: Marilyn reviewed the coordination of weekly bulletins and inserts. Janet Dickerson will cover this in May.

Availability of the Church Secretary: Marilyn stated that the church secretary will be out of commission during May as she recovers from surgery.

New Committee Chairs Assigned: Marilyn reviewed the primary committees of the vestry and made the following assignments:
Worship – Carol Isphording
Ecumenical Relations – Marilyn Zimmerman
Fellowship and Volunteers – Margie Beers
Building and Grounds – Chuck Dickerson
Education – Ed Ruffley

Change in Sunday Announcements: Marilyn discussed providing a weekly bulletin insert to parishioners that summarizes the weekly announcements. Marilyn agreed to coordinate the announcement handouts.

By-law Changes to Reflect Current Status: Marilyn reviewed certain provisions in the current By-Laws of St. Christopher’s and noted that they do not reflect the current status of the congregation. Marilyn agreed to review the By-Laws and to suggest changes that must be approved by St. Christopher’s and the attorney for the Diocese.

Replacement for Open Seat on the Vestry: Due to the relocation of Moonyeen Fitch, there is an open seat on the vestry. The members discussed several possible candidates to replace Moonyeen.

Holy Week 2019: Marilyn stated that Rev. Guback would like to increase the scheduled events during Holy Week 2019.

New Structure for Leelanau Christian Neighbors: Marilyn discussed the new management structure for LCN, including a reduced, more active board that replaced a much larger board with broad representation from the supporting churches.

New Business:
Donation to Leelanau Christian Neighbors: Vestry reviewed prior  donations to LCN and discussed LCN’s current fundraising event. Ed moved that St. Christopher’s make a $2,500 contribution to LCN. The Motion carried.

Donations to Other Charities: The vestry discussed making contributions to charities other than LCN. Chuck suggested that we consider Munson House. He stated that members of the parish have used that facility. The vestry concluded that additional deliberations are needed.

Summer Picnic with Bethany: Marilyn noted that it is Bethany’s turn this year to organize the Summer Picnic.

St. Nicholas Day Dinner for 2018: Margie proposed that a St. Nicholas Day dinner be planned for a Thursday night in December 2018. She agreed to make preliminary inquiries at the Leland Lodge.

Harvest Dinner/German Fest: A brief discussion was held on the possibility of changing the old Harvest Dinner format into a charity German Fest. A fee would be charged for a ‘beer and brats’ event. The vestry concluded that additional discussion is required.

No other business came before the vestry.
The next vestry meeting will be on May 9, 2018, at 9:30 AM.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward Ruffley
Vestry Clerk

Minutes of March 14, 2018, Vestry Meeting

The meeting was preceded by the reading of several prayers from the Book of Common Prayer.
The meeting was called to order at 9:45 AM by Co-Senior Warden Carol Isphording.  Vestry Members present: Carol Isphording, Margie Beers, and Chuck Dickerson. A quorum was not present, therefore, motions to approve material expenditures and to accept reports for Diocesan release require approval of absent vestry members via email. Mike Fleishman, Treasurer, was also present.

Minutes of prior Vestry meetings:
Minutes of the December 14, 2017 meeting were reviewed. Margie Beers moved that the minutes for that meeting be approved. Motion carried.
Minutes of the January 21, 2018 meeting were reviewed. Margie Beers moved that the minutes for that meeting be approved. Motion carried.
Minutes of the February 14, 2018 were reviewed. Margie Beers moved that the minutes of the prior meeting be approved. Motion carried.

Rector Search: No candidate has currently been presented for consideration. Carol suggested our checking into co-op interns as a possible bridge until a permanent rector can be found. She mentioned Nashotah House’s Master of Divinity program that requires a student to intern for two terms of mentored ministry in a parish, under the supervision of a seminary-approved priest/mentor. This idea was tabled until a full complement of Vestry members is present. Basically, everyone agreed that it might be time to think outside the box to find a rector.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Mike Fleishman, presented the financial statements as of February 28, 2018. He stated that St. Christopher’s remains in sound fiscal condition. Following review Margie Beers moved that the Treasurer’s Report be approved. Motion carried. Mike also presented the Annual Parochial Report for review. Chuck Dickerson moved that the Treasurer’s Parochial Report be approved and released to the Diocese. Motion carried.

Senior Warden’s Business:
The Lenten Soup Supper will be held at St. Christopher’s on Thursday, March 22. Parishioners have signed up to bring soup, bread, and cookies. Following supper Janet Dickerson will lead those present in the Office of Compline.
Carol I. and Janet D. will attend The Bishop’s Workshop for the Northern Region on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at Grace Episcopal Church in Traverse City.
Parts will be assigned for the Congregation’s participation in reading the Palm Sunday Gospel according to Mark.
St. Gertrude’s Church will order and purchase the Easter Pascal Candle this year.
Clarification of Vestry Terms will be explained in the next News Letter.

Other Business:
Chuck Dickerson brought to our attention the Bishop’s online training program for “Safeguarding our Parish”.
Margie Beers presented thoughts on the Church’s visibility in the community and surrounding neighborhoods. She also asked that the Vestry consider supporting other agencies in addition to LCN. This brought up Rev. Phil Garrison’s supporting the homeless at Trinity Church. Margie asked that a small table and chairs would be a welcome addition to the parish hall for youngsters attending Sunday services.

No other business came before the vestry.
The next Vestry meeting will be on April 18, 2018, the third Wednesday of the month. Marilyn Zimmerman, Co-Senior Warden, will lead the meeting. Carol I. will be in Cincinnati.
Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Isphording, Co-Senior Warden