Shared Minister with Bethany Lutheran

In 2008, E.L.C.A. Bethany Lutheran Church of Northport and St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church entered into a Covenant of Shared Ministry.  The Covenant was endorsed by our Bishop as well as the Lutheran Bishop and together we hired our first priest/pastor, who ministered to both churches and resided in the parsonage owned by Bethany until 2015.

Since 2015, Bethany’s Call Committee and St. Christopher’s Search Committees worked with their respective Bishops to seek a new minister to serve both churches.  Recently we  have contracted with E.L.C.A. minister, the Reverend Doctor Christine Ann Timm, to serve as minister to both churches.  We look forward to Pastor Timm’s ministry and to continuing our relationship with Bethany Lutheran Church.

Above, following a quiz on the history of both churches and a pizza dinner at St. Christopher’s, members of the two parishes built an igloo of toilet paper rolls, which were then donated to Leelanau Christian Neighbors for distribution to their clients.